Journal Entry 84

Journal Entry 84

I have to apologize, it’s been a long time since I’ve written. Not that it matters, but to those in the future looking back on the events of my illustrious life, it is incredibly irresponsible of me. It could be that this is the most accurate record available to portray my importance in history. Regardless, I digress. Much has happened in the past few days and I should share those events while they are fresh.

The day began as normal as any other. We stopped by a small island in order to refresh our water supply. While there, we tracked a large crab to small marsh. The crab itself put up little fight, but the hag that appeared after we killed it is worth a mention. Not as a worthy opponent, but because of the events that would transpire after the miserable rot was left to decay in the middle of that long forgotten jungle forest.

Upon searching its loot from its previous woe begotten travelers, we found a golden toucan. On closer examination we found the initials L.M. Additionally, we found a crank and a spot in which to wind it up, as if it were a child’s toy. So what else? We started it up, then it immediately turned into a real toucan. Still, something was different, after talking to it a few minutes, we decided we would take it back to the ship with us. Immediately, it flew straight into my arm. Feeling a little alarmed, I looked at my arm to find the toucan had tattooed itself on my flesh. It’s fine though when I need something, he leaves me and does whatever task I might require from him. I’m still experimenting with it, but I’ve heard tales of powerful sorcerers who could turn their familiar into a tattoo and use at their disposal.

So after our short foray on the island we returned to the ship with our spoils. We decided to start fresh the next day, which, as it would turn out, was a wise decision. Setting a sail at the first light, we weren’t even through the morning when we came upon another ship. Chasing it down was simple, but drawing in for our attack we saw it was a ship full of goblins. To complicate the situation, on board the main deck was a bugbear and goblin. No big deal. What I didn’t mention was the catapult they were cranking. The first blow struck home…on my new ship. I knew it had to happen sometime…but my new ship! Rarely have I been so hurt, but I pulled us up to board the ship to force the scum to suffer their sins. May Asmodeus have no mercy on their pathetic, wastes of a soul. After vanquishing our foes we looted, the ships of all its valuables…including the catapult.

That night, as we were ready to call it a day and enjoy our first victory, we saw it. The shadow of a ship on the horizon, moving against the wind sails deployed. Something loomed heavy on my mind upon spotting this ship. I couldn’t put my finger on it, however, so I put the thought from me insisting on enjoying our victory of the day. Waking, rejuvenated the next morning, we set sail wondering what adventures awaited us that day. As fate would have it, we quickly came upon a small fishing vessel. While they were hoisting nets on the opposite side of the ship, our party boarded their ship. Upon crossing over to their deck. I ordered the captain of him and his men to lay down their arms. If he refused, him and his men would spend the rest of eternity with Asmodeus himself. Surprised he didn’t wet himself really. They surrendered immediately and due to all the kindness I could muster we only took half their supply fish. We also picked up a few crew members, I suppose they have names…but does it matter?

Setting sail once more, we put a considerable difference between us and the fisherman. Deciding that we would call it a day, we set anchor and began to pass out rum rations for the night. Before, even a drop was even sipped, it appeared again. This time the ghostly visage of a ship seemingly appearing from nowhere sailed by us. Catching the name this time, “The Deathnail” a sinking feeling came over me. The story of a ghost ship reappearing for three straight nights. On the third night returning only to sink its victims ship to the depths of the ocean, leaving its opponents to their fates on the open ocean.

Keeping cool, I set up a plan to combat our opponents. So on the third night we set up close to a small island, not being near enough to make port. As we waited on high alert, I happened. First, the fog began to roll in. Then, we heard the dinging of a bell accompanied by a flashing red light. Then the full visage of the Deathnail came into view. Preparing to ram us head on, I waited for their move. At the last second, I made way, giving their opposing captain no time to adjust to my maneuver, running his vessel aground.

Celebrating, our escape from the legendary ghost ship. It began to happen, again. Everything the fog, the bell, the red light. Then, there it was again, preparing to ram. This time, I let it happen. After the initial impact, undead began to board the ship. After pushing their forces back aboard their accursed ship we engaged their captain in battle. Unsurprisingly, he was no match for me and my shipmates. As he was about to be finally struck down, he dissipated into a cloud of dust. It didn’t seem over, though their was still chaos everywhere. The undead still dragging groggily hissing at us, attacking hoard after hoard. The clash of sword on flesh. That incessant gong of the ships bell. The…wait the bell. That was it! Seeing it had magical qualities, I ordered Owlbear to destroy it. Two, swings from his morningstar later. The battle was over. The spirit of the ship was dead. As it would seem, so was the ship, it began to sink. Quickly, we emptied the plunder from below deck and moved it to our ship.

There is so much more I could mention at this time. But here comes my rum…

Journal Entry 84

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