Journal entry 83

Journal Entry 83

Well, it’s been yet another weird day here on the island. I can’t believe I’m saying it, but I really can’t wait to get back to the ship. I really don’t like this island. I prefer the sea, naturally, but this island is even worse than other places.

We woke up today on the beach where I last left you. As planned the night before we began to make our way up the hill to find some fresh water. Before we made it up the hill, however, we stopped at a field to see what we could be find. At first glance, there didn’t seem to be much. Upon further investigation, we discovered a scarecrow. Not wanting to disturb anything that might resting inside, we decided to leave it be. It seems as though our mere presence disturbed It and it sprang into attack.

As luck would have it, it went straight for its most formidable opponent. Me. Grasping me around the waist with its powerful pincers. As I attempted to pry its jaws from me, my companions jumped in to aid me. It didn’t stand a chance. The trip into the field proved not to be fruitless, however, we found some good loot on some bodies of dead sailors as well.

A short while later, we proceeded once more up the hill. At the top we found our long alluding fresh water source. While Taimu and Nyx filled the barrels. I saw they were attacked from above by some sort of tree chokers. I ran into action, leaping off the base of the tree, slicing the one choking Taimu In half. After the others enemies life was put to a brutal end, Nyx climbed up to their nest and found some of their hoarded treasure.

A lot of excitement already, right? It should be all down here from here right? Nope. It would seem as though we were just getting started. Afterwards, we proceeded to go into the small house. Upon entering the house, we found a skeleton hanging from the ceiling with a stool pushed out away from it. Taking are to avoid the Skelton we searched the house. In doing so we found a locket containing a picture of a beautiful girl. The picture of whom roused our memory of someone we’d seen before. On this very island in fact. The wretched undead we found in that small shack. One of those horrid creatures seemed to resemble her.

After thoroughly searching the small house, we proceeded outside. We then found a small telescope pointing out to sea. Upon further examination, we found some grindilos…one of whom was wearing Sandra’s hat. Now normally I’m not one to stick my neck out to help others…Sandra, however, she has proven to be a powerfully ally and one I would be glad to have at my side. Without a moments hesitation we proceeded after them. Sending the other cat back with the water, we went straight for the cliff. A mere 60 feet dive later we landed in the water.

Immediately upon surfacing, we were set upon by the grindilos. I grappled mine, swam it to the ocean floor and smashed it into the floor. Sending it to the abyss where it belongs. Once again resurfacing, the other members killed their challengers and we crept our way gradually into the cave. Upon entering we triggered an ambush of more of the little buggers. They might not be powerful foes, but there sure are a lot of them. Once again fending off our attackers we proceeded through the chambers, killing more grindilos as we went. While doing so we found some good loot, which included: a wand of mirror imaging, a map, and a feather token anchor.

Finally, hobbling we made our way into one of the only remaining chambers. There we found 8 grindilo. Yes I meant 8. Jazz enticed them to go after him and through some straight up ninja moves (I know that statement isn’t the most refined, but there’s nothing else that can describe it), he fended them off and we picked off the stragglers.

I don’t have time to write more now, but I will give more detail later. We only stopped for a few minutes before we go onto our last challenge and hopefully then we will find Sandra.

Journal entry 83

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