Journal Entry 81

Journal Entry 81

Well, sometimes, it seems as though life is full of unexpected twists. I know for myself that I have had more than my fair share. If you’ll remember correctly, the last time I wrote to you we had just taken over an enemy ship. With the once enemies press-ganged amongst, the Captain informed us of our upcoming plans. I was assuming that Plugg would take over the other ship with a select group of his cronies and take the ship to port to sell it off. It would seem as though I was half right…the ship is being taken off to be sold. However, its not just Pluggs cronies, its our group as well.

The morning after the party ended, the captain appointed those who would be going with Plugg to make port. As I previously stated, my group was among those selected. Also included were our “friends” Rosie Cuswell and Sandra Quinn. We were given time to prepare our things, to go on our new route. For my groups part, we decided to spend some of our newly earned loot from our previous plunder at the quartermasters. Upon informing Cutthroat of our new assignment. She was an odd mixture of surprised and distraught. I hadn’t realized I’d made that big of an impact on her. I suppose my personality is just that infectious. Although, jumping in and saving someone who’s fallen overboard on a ship doesn’t hurt. Regardless, she gave each of us received a parting gift from her that should make a difference on our impending journey.

Upon our departure from the Wormwood, it was work as usual. As the day progressed, however, it seemed as though Plugg set a new course. We were not going to make port as planned. This went on for a few days, the days passing into insignificance. It seems as though Plugg runs a ship more strictly. Lets just say theres no happy hour under Plugg’s regime…just a curfew. After those first few days we woke up one morning to find that Sandra and Rosie, who’d been sleeping in Plugg’s quarters per his request, had gone missing. It seems as though there was some sign of being boarded by some creatures in the night. Just keeps getting better right? RIght. The best part is that our ship ran into a reef and punctured the hull of the ship. Hard to believe this could happen under such a superlative Captain.

This did provide an opportunity for our little group. As luck would have it, this reef just happened to be near an island. Plugg realizing we were nearly out of fresh water sent, our crew to the island to find a fresh water supply for the ship. Without hesitation we left, eager to escape the grip of Plugg. To our surprise, however, one of the ships former operatives, another catfolk was sent with us. I don’t know much about her, but she seems capable and carries a big sword.

Upon arriving at the island, we found and abandoned fishing village with a mostly overgrown trail leading into the jungle. Unflinchingly, I lead us deeper into the jungle only to find us at a swamp. Timidly my companions fretted about how we would get across. I on the other hand, seeing the only way to get across had to be the ten pedestals that rose from the swamp, began to make my way across, leap by leap. I must have made in nearly half way cross, when I must have been tripped. Upon falling into the swamp, I arose to find a frog like creature trying to pull me further in with its tongue. They would ultimately pose little threat, as me and my cohorts would dispose of them. Continuing across the swamp, we found ourselves at an even more overgrown path. The sound of insects and other tropical animals fill the air.

We’ve just stopped for a minute to catch our breath. I don’t have time to write much else, but I am interested to see what this island might hold for us. I’ll write soon.

Journal Entry 81

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