Journal Entry 80

Journal Entry 80

This morning we woke up to something of a surprise. Upon arriving on top deck we were greeted by the welcome sight of a ship on the horizon. Closing in fast to the rival ship, we were ordered into boarding crews. Finally, some real action.

Our group was, as your can imagine, made up of Nix, Jazz, and myself. Perhaps somewhat surprisingly to all of us, I was able to convince the Captain to let Sandra Quinn join our little group. Her presence would prove invaluable. While were talking about surprises, the Captain ordered that Taimu also be released from the hotbox, at the prospect of an impending battle.

Battle plans were laid. Weapons were at the ready. Men prepared to rip there opponents limb from limb. It was time to have some real fun. Upon our approach of the ship we found a Chelixan warship, the Mans Promise (or something), prepped for battle. Just as we could begin to see the unworthy foes, who would soon fall at the hands of our swords, their ship was shrouded in fog. The ships mage was providing us cover upon which to get in close to the ship.

The first chance I got, I lead the charge by swinging over to face the other ships combatants. I suppose its worth mentioning, I was chosen as our boarding party leader. Apparently, those in charge, aren’t as dim as they may appear. They obviously, knew that I was the most capable of performing such a task. Anyways…like I was saying, I swung over and met my opponents. My comrades…nay, subordinates, followed close behind. With in minutes, under my sterling leadership, we were able to dispatch all of our enemies and secure the aft deck. If that doesn’t impress those in charge what will? Well there’s more…

Upon securing, our victory, we looked out on the rest of the ship to see how our other shipmates were faring. Most of our enemies had fallen and the Captin was now boarding the ship, side-by-side with the cook and the quartermaster. As he looked to the aft deck, he tipped his cap to me as if to say good job. Before, I could even so much as shout a warning, some pilfering sneak stabbed him in the back. However, our captain, being a mighty man himself. and ran him through with his cutlass. Reproachfully, he turned about, and glared at my fellow boarding party members for their disloyalty. Returning, to his objective, he went below deck and entered the captains quarters. There was an explosion below deck and the captain returned…holding the still beating heart, of the opposing captain.

After all the excitement settled, the remaining combatants laid down their arms. Those who let themselves be taken as prisoner, were press-ganged into servitude aboard the Wormwood. Over the next day and a half, there would be one wild party. I choose to use my time a little more constructively and choose to search the ship. Luckily too, because i happened across a very valuable grappling hook in the galley. Not sure of all the powers which it does posses, but I do know that it is most valuable possession. Monetarily, at least.

Overall, I have to say it was a pretty successful day. We took this extra ship and conquered it crew. The best part…that ship is going to need a captain. Now I’m not foolish enough to believe that it would be me. Plugg, however, he would seem a worthy choice to our blinded Captian. Which would leave him looking for a momentary number 2 to fill in for Plugg. Not to brag, but I think I might know someone who is truly worthy of that position…

Journal Entry 80

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