Journal Entry 79

It hasn’t been long since I last wrote. Normally there’s not much to write about, but now…we’ll lets just say that’s not the case. I’m not going to say much because anyone could be reading this. What I will say is that things aren’t looking good for us on the ship.

A few mornings ago, we woke up to go and receive our daily assignments. Upon reaching the top deck, we were instructed that we were to practice boarding drills that morning instead of our normal duties. Nix and I were the first to go. This was nothing new to me, however, and I navigated the task without difficulty. Nyx struggled and had to give it a few attempts. Jazz and Tammy went next. They both had their troubles, but made it in the end. I didn’t think Taimu was going to make it all, he really struggled.

It seems during the drill, Taimu and Jazz heightened their feud with some other shipmates. Later that night Jazz confronted one of them and was jumped by a couple of his buddies. Of course 3 against 1 is hardly a fair fight. He was beat up pretty bad, but Sandra Quinn fixed him up good as new.

The next day, Taimu had a little but of a run in. From what I can gather, he was working in the bilges and a couple of cronies tried to jump him. Apparently, they pulled a couple of daggers on him. No big deal right? He has his swords…wrong, they took our weapons from us that morning. Almost like its planned, right? In any case, he handled them unarmed and disposed of their bodies.

That night when we were about to hand out rations, they noticed they were gone. They guessed what had happened and now ordered Taimu to the hotbox to await his punishment. I feel like our whole group has a target on its back. I don’t know where things are going to end up, but it doesn’t look bright there…

Journal Entry 79

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