Journal Entry 78

I got it! I finally got my katana back from our wonderful, kind, thieving captain. Only one of those is accurate by the way…in any case, progress has been made. You know I have to say, even I’m a little shocked at how rapidly my status has changed with my fellow ship mates in the last week. I guess there’s something to the old adage that you can catch more flies with honey than with rum. Normally, I wouldn’t care to give up either to catch a single fly, but sometimes we have to give a little to gain a lot. I feel as though I’ve been doing just that. I’ve noticed lately that I have gotten along a lot better with my group. As much as it pains me to say, I guess I have a group now. If I have to be a part of a group though, I guess it could be worse. I mean if I’m being honest were kind of seen as the cool kids on the ship. My mom would be so proud if she could see me now…you know if she hadn’t been ran through with a katana.

This week did make a nice change of pace in the usual flow of life on the ship. For starters we ate pretty well this week on the ship. Owing mainly in part to the birthdays of Mr. Plug and Captain Harragan. On the Captains birthday he requested crabs for dinner. So we put down the anchor a little off shore, then Jazz, Taimu, Nyx, Amelia and I were sent to a near by reef to catch the crabs. While we were there we were attacked by some large ugly creatures that put up little challenge. We took them back for good measure, hoping they could be worth something. As it turns out they are largely considered to be a delicacy, if prepared by a proper cook.

Once we got back to the ship we took them back to the cook and he prepared them for dinner. The meal turned out so well that he was gracious enough to give me my stuff back…what a kind man. Anyways, while he was preparing the food, he regaled us with stories of not only his past, but the ships. He told us that he used to be a famous chef back at Port Peril before he was taken onto the ship. He also told us that there hadn’t been any attempts of mutiny on this ship owing to the fact that nobody has been fool enough to mess with Captain Haragan. As terrifying as he is demanding, the cook assured us it would be the last thing we ever did if we were to go against the captain. Afterwards, me and Jazz took some extra crabs down to Owlbear. I thought as long as I’m being seen as a part of a group, I can’t only be worried about how I’m viewed, but the other members of my group.

Other than that not a lot else happened on the ship this week. Maybe I’m wrong, but I feel as though something is changing in the winds. I’m not just talking about the weather either. I feel like were due for a change on the ship. I just hope it doesn’t interfere with my personal plans. Nothing I can do about it now, I guess, I’ll just have to meet it when it comes.

Journal Entry 78

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