Journal Entry 77

Journal Entry 77

Its been a weird coupe of days. My status on the ship remains, for the most part, mostly unchanged. I am still nothing more than a grunt in the eyes of my so called superiors. Eventually, they will see the error of their ways. It should be me behind the wheel of this ship, not our so called “Captain”. I guess it’s needless to say I’m still slightly fixated on manning the wheel of a ship. It calls to me like rum to an alcoholic pirate. A bit of redundancy I guess. While I’m on the subject of alcoholics, I guess it would be a good time to mention I seem to be making progress with that rum-crazed monk, Jaz. He’s not the only one either, I seem to be making quite the impact on my fellow shipmates. Unfortunately, at this point, its nobody who would seem to matter.

The last words I’d written a few days ago, I intimated that I was going to take a more charismatic approach. To that point, with my time on the ship, I’d been reclusive and withdrawn from those around me. Only making contact with those around me when I deemed it absolutely necessary, as I prefer. I could see that would get me nowhere, however, at first bell the next day, I began my new tactic. I began with a little bit of positivity. People like that right? Really they just seemed caught off guard. Luckily for me I got to kill rats all day. Golly what fun… That night I made plans to climb down the ship and catch some of the crabs clinging to the ship. I’ve told you I love crab legs, right? Unfortunately, they weren’t for me. I’d seen the night before that great oaf , Owlbear, really seemed to like them. Although, he came off worse in that fight, I still think he could be a powerful ally just given the size of him. It was easy really, just dumped the bucket at his feet, now we’re friends for life. Thank Asmodeous for simple minds. Also, on my way to bed, I snuck Jaz, who’d finished his rum in about 2 minutes, the remainder of my rum. There’s a good chance we could also be best pals now. As I was saying before, thank Asmodeous…

The others seem a little more untrusting of my sudden change in attitude and are pondering my possible motives. The next day, I focused my efforts on the tiefling who seems to suspect that I’m scheming for something. He seems unwilling to lend me his trust anyway. I tried on multiple occasions to have a conversation with him, but to no avail. I even tried to help him search the ship for possible treasure, when I was running errands that day. Two tinder-twigs later, I was no further along. That night as I set pondering on how to gain his trust, I saw him enter another arm wrestling competition. He seemed to prove himself a strong opponent in the past, so I was going to bet on him. Something told me I shouldn’t and luckily I didn’t. He got smoked. Here was my chance to earn his respect. Normally, I find physical competitions just to be a way of feeding already bolstered egos, as to achieve a heightened since of superiority for those of weaker minds. However, this time I had ulterior motives. As soon as the tiefling lost I seized my chance, and challenged the large black man to his third fight in a row. As I assumed, he was already tired from his previous challengers, and put up little resistance. The tiefling, it seems, took that into consideration as well and bet on me. I couldn’t make it seem to easy though, I had to make it look like a battle as to receive coaching from the tiefling. As I slammed his hand into the glass, I won not only the fight, but also his respect. Which I care oh so much about…

There was still one of my fellow bunk mates I hadn’t made any progress with, the cat. I had figured that she would be an easy one to sway to trusting me, pay her the slightest compliment and we should be like old friends, right? Wrong. I noticed earlier that day that the cat seemed to struggle with her daily duties, so I offered up some of my professional experience. She also seemed alarmed at my attempt to try and connect with her. Given her neediness for any form of attention in the past, I had figured she would bite for it, like a shark after a man overboard. Speaking of which I have a story for that as well. I’m just full of the segues tonight aren’t I?

Today we woke up to quite the storm. Of course that makes for a long day making sure the ship operates correctly. Around midnight, that great brute of a half-orc that runs the shop fell overboard. As for myself, I would say leave her, she’s can be easily replaced. Although, as I’m trying to make a positive impression on my fellow shipmates, without a moments hesitation, I jumped in after her. With the waves crashing down around me, sharks closing in, I made my way to her and just before I got to her they finally got a rope to her and attempted to pull her in. As I quickly made my way back aboard the ship, I watched Taimu cut the rope to which they were pulling her in with. Stammering on about seeing something attack the rope, the cat threw her a rope and consequently slipped and fell in as well. Sometimes you have to do everything yourself. So that left me and Jaz to pull them both in, while Amelia led Taimu off to recover from his apparent hallucinations.

Someone of note I should mention, who I intend to make my next target to influence, is the aforementioned Amelia. I don’t know much about her, but she does seem to have some magical capabilities. Also, I believe we could have a lot in common as neither of us seem to have the same impulse to mindlessly play by the rules. Unfortunately, she does seem to have a problem with genuinely caring for those around her. That can be portrayed as a sign of weakness. Although, I hope I’m wrong about that.

Well, I guess that’s everything of interest for now. There will be more to come I can promise. I hope next time I can have gained further influence on those around me. Then I can move on with my further plans, which i shan’t mention…you never know who could be reading…

Journal Entry 77

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