Journal Entry 76

Journal Entry #76
It happened again. I woke up with a splitting headache. Of course that’s to be expected, with the amount of rum I drank…and that girl I hooked up with…what was her name? Moira? Marie? Anyways…it doesn’t matter, but Asmodeus was she an ugly one. Guess they can’t all be winners. More importantly I think the little whore drugged me. The next morning I woke up aboard a pirate ship, the Wormwood. I woke up aboard the ship with what seems to be a handful of other “recruits”. It seems as though all of us were drugged and press-ganged aboard the ship. At least, none of us have any knowledge of signing up for this. What’s more, is upon awakening, I realized they’d taken all of my belongings and declared it treasure for Captain Barnabas Harrigan. So help me I will get my katana back though…whatever the cost. Upon being awoken by first bell, I was sent to the top deck to await my first orders.

When I reached the top deck, I had the pleasure of meeting the first mate, Mr. Plugg. He said the first rule was to never speak to the Captain…which is unfortunate because I have so much to say to him. He first ordered me and some of the other recruits to our positions. I was ordered to be a deckhand which suits me, better than workng up on the crow’s nest and far better than working in the kitchen. Before, we got to work that day though, we had to deal out the punishment’s. It seem’s as though one of the men on the ship was guilty of thievery, which is one of the most basic pirate tenant’s. Do not murder a crew member or steal from them…how hard is that to understand. Anyway’s they pulled him from the hotbox, tied him up, and threw him overboard. In a matter of mere moments, of course, he was ripped to shreds. It seems as though some of my fellow “recruits”, took exception to this. They have a lot to learn in the ways of piracy.

One of these other recruits, Taimu, is a samurai…or so he claims. He seems as though he’s more than capable of handling himself in a fight, but he’s always talking about honor. Fighting in the sake of defending honor…what a joke. The only reason we ever fight is for power…if not to increase our own power, than for someone else. It would seem as though some are too foolish to see that. I have, however, have no problems with him believing whatever he want’s. His opinions are of no concern to me… just as long as he doesn’t get in my way. However, on the first night we were there, I did see him destroy one of his opponents in an arm wrestling contest…he isn’t one I would readily challenge. He doesn’t seem to trust me, which I must say he has good reason, I’m not the most…inviting person. He could become a strong ally nonetheless. I’ll have to try harder on gaining his trust in the future.

Another one of the recruits, Nyx, is a catfolk. She also seems as though she is capable in a fight. This I have witnessed first hand. On the second day of being on the Wormwood, me and my fellow recruits awoke to find four brutes holding us up so that we would be late for first bell. They wouldn’t listen to reason or threat’s so it came down to a skirmish. The cat used her claws and sliced into the neck of one of our attacker’s. She’s just lucky she didn’t kill her. Not one I would be overly joyed about crossing claws with. Still, there is a slight problem, she’s too…nice. To her credit, that does go over well with some, even if it is lost on other such as myself. She also could be a powerful ally, she’s a hard worker and is liked by much of the crew…that could be of benefit to me.

The other recruit that seems worth mentioning is a monk I think. Jasper is his name. He seems to prefer to go by Jazz. He’s a little more difficult to figure out…he doesn’t seem determined to play by the rules. At the very least, he isn’t motivated by what might be considered the niceties of society. He does seem to have somewhat of a weakness, however, he does seem to have an uncontrollable urge for rum. This weakness isn’t exactly uncommon on a pirate ship, most pirates seem to struggle with the same weakness of mind. While he may be weak minded, I will not say the same of his fighting prowess. With his bare hands, I saw him challenge a mountain of a man, by the name of Owlbear Hartshorn. This man turned out to be Mr. Plugs pet, who it would seem, was retarded. If I’d had any, I would have lost all my money that night betting against Jazz, but too his credit he won that fight handily. While drunken he may be, a warrior he seems to be at heart. I am going to have to keep an eye on him, I think he might have stolen some dagger’s. I threatened him and told him of the consequences it could have on all of us. Normally I would say whatever floats your boat, in this situation, however, it also seems that it floats my boat. Whatever his faults, I might be able to turn him into a capable ally.

As for my part, I cant say I’ve mad the best of impressions on the ship. I’ve tried to get up early, work hard, and impress those in charge. At this point, it would seem as though that effort might be futile. There is no impressing this Captain as I’ve done with others in the past. I’m unsure of how I will handle the situation, because I still have my own goals and desires. For now, however, I think I will be content to turn what crew members I can towards becoming friendly towards me. I guess it’s time to turn on the old charm…

Journal Entry 76

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