Diary of a Samurai- Part 3

Entry 3
I have not written in my journal lately due to being distracted by recent events on the ship.

Plugg and his cohorts were singling out our group and attacking them. The person I associate with the most, Jaz, got confronted and knocked unconscious by cowards. I made them pay though as I told them I would. I was cornered and the scum attempted to do the same to me, but I disarmed them and finished them off with their own knives. I made sure to let the big black rat know that I am a man of my word right before I ended his disgraceful life.

I thought I was done for sure. I was thrown in the sweatbox and forced to suffer for blatant injustice, but when the crew spotted another ship on the horizon, I was pardoned by the Captain in order to be another man available to aid in the plundering of the other ship. I saw it as an opportunity to possibly break free and get out from under the thumb of those who captured us and forced us into slavery. That is why when I saw a would-be assassin follow the captain, I did not shout out a warning. Do you warn the devil when he is about to get his due?

Unfortunately, the assassin failed and the captain may have saw us ignore the attempt on his life, which may not bode well for our future, but what is done is done. We are his prisoners, not his friends. I went on and did my job helping to plunder the other ship and eliminate the other crew. Speaking of which, to her credit, the cat woman is more vicious than I originally gave her credit. I thought she was simply a prostitute, but she knows how to take down the enemy. I am glad that she is on our side at the moment.

We shall see how things play out from here now that we have a new ship. I would like nothing more than to separate ourselves from those who seek to keep us down, and I would not mind taking those who are loyal to our group and branching out on our own.

Diary of a Samurai- Part 3

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