Diary of a Samurai- Part 2

Entry 2

I am unsure of myself at the moment. My head is a storm, which is fitting for the night we just had.

After I finish writing my thoughts I think it would be wise to do some meditation and inner reflection in order to re-align my spirit. I have allowed my overconfidence to cloud my judgement and lead me down a path that has possibly brought some dishonor upon me.

I was successful in using my efforts to win over the shop keep to convince her to give me back my armor and my weapons at no cost, as it should be. I am told this will come with the risk of being punished, but I will not say a word. I trust she will not either. Besides, this is my equipment that was stolen from me by the captain. In my eyes, the equipment is now in the hands of the rightful owner.

However, I believe the accomplishment of this goal and my other previous victories have inflated my ego and caused me to be foolish. I jumped into an arm wrestling competition and even wagered money on myself when I had no need to do so except to gain more honor upon triumphing over my opponent. Somehow the opponent won, and I lost some of my hard-earned gold. Luckily the one who calls himself Kratos stepped in and participated as well. I bet on him and won back my money. I will mark this down as a lesson learned and do more productive things with my time…such as finding out what Kratos is up to. He has been going out of his way to be friendly and caring to me and everyone in our group. I don’t know what his agenda is, but if he thinks for a moment that I am going to drop my guard and trust him so easily, then he is a fool indeed. I see that he is working so hard to earn my good favor. I searched the ship to see if I could find anything that I could use to trade to the others to try and gain more followers of our cause, but I did not find much. Kratos jumped at the opportunity to aid me, but all he found was a couple of tinder twigs soak in bilge scum.

Which brings me back to the storm. We were awoke by calls from the crew that there was a person overboard, and sure enough it was the shop keeper. I felt like I should help her out since she helped me previously, but all I managed to do was keep her and a couple others who jumped in to try and save her from drifting off too far. I was not able to prove myself as a hero and pull them in. In fact, I allowed my failure to get the better of me and I saw a “rope monster” just as we were about to pull the shop keep back onto the ship. I hacked away trying to save the day, but it must have been a trick played on my eyes, for all I managed to do was cut the rope she was climbing on and send her back down into the water below.

A nice new crew member named Amelia tried to convince me that I wasn’t completely a failure and that I was just letting the stress get to me. I hope she proves to be a worthy ally in the future.

For now though, I am going to remember what I have learned these past couple days and use it to strengthen my focus. I will be more careful in my actions and I will restore my honor, and all who stand in my way will feel the wrath of TAIMU AKUMA!!!!

Diary of a Samurai- Part 2

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