Diary of a Samurai - Part 1

I don’t know where I am, but I think I should keep a record of what has happened in case someone needs to find me, bury me, avenge my death, restore my honor, pick up where I left off, or all of the above. This is Taimu Akuma ,realm traveler and champion fighting on behalf of Yog-Sothoth. I had just finished following up on a lead at a local tavern (which didn’t pan out, so the location is irrelevant) and I headed down the the edge of a boat dock for some fresh air away from the filthy, smelly drunkards in said tavern, when out of nowhere someone struck me from behind like a coward with no honor, and who surely brings great shame upon his family.

I awoke on a pirate ship with several other new “recruits”. Some of them were nothing of note. However, three others have an aura of intrigue that I will keep my eye on.

One is a female cat humanoid who also surely brings great shame and dishonor upon her family, but for some reason I feel the need to protect her and fight along side her. She has sort of a weak stomach to do what needs to be done, and she offers up a night of company like it is her last night in this world, but deep down I think she needs my help.

Another is this fellow named Jazz. He seems like he could be good to keep around for the most part. He isn’t one to shy away from a fight or avenging someone’s honor. He does have a bit of an alcohol problem and at times can squirm like his backside is lit by dragon’s fire, but he could come in handy as an ally.

The other one I will need to keep my eye on the most. He hangs around us, but I don’t trust him. At times he angers me and I feel myself reaching for my kitana or naginata and it not there.

I forgot to mention that we woke up and all of our possessions have been taken from us and deemed “loot” by the captain. I do not like this captain. He tells us that he is above us and we are unworthy to speak to him. He also is a hypocrite. They claim to punish murder and thievery, and we saw this first hand when they tied an offender up, threw him overboard towards the front of the ship, and allowed his body to be thrashed to shreds. Yet he takes us against our will and all of our possessions. He knows nothing of my history and my honor. He may taste the cold metal of my blade one day. I don’t like this other man in charge named Plugg either. But let me not waste any more of this scrap parchment on them for now. Here is what happened: We woke up and were immediately assigned positions on the ship. The cat won a climbing challenge and became a rigger and the drunk volunteered to help the cook. I couldn’t care less. I don’t mind be a runner or swabbing decks. It allows me to maintain my athletic skills and gives me time to plot my next move.

I have so far attempted to get int the good graces of an influential female aboard,the ship named Sandra Q (I think that is her name). I wanted to raise my honor and reputation as a warrior on the ship, so I volunteered to arm wrestle this large, dim-witted thug and she sponsored me. Naturally I won and slammed his arm down into the pile of broken glass and sharp objects, proved my worth, and allowed her to keep all the winnings.

The next morning, the big oaf and three other mates tried to keep us from reaching the first bell and tried to bring shame upon us, but the three new recruits of note and I fought back bravely. I got a good shot in on the dim-wit (whose arm was bandaged from my victory by the way) before the cat sliced open a rude woman’s throat and sent them all fleeing. We stabilized her in order to save the Catwoman a murder charge, and still made first bell.

Other than making the dim wit lose a bout in arm wrestling to another large, black sailor, the only other couple things of note of note is that we killed some huge vermin in excrement collection area of the ship and I stumbled upon 3 heavy maces which I plan to use to trade to get my stuff back. I used one already as a wager against a fight that was forced upon one of us. The drunkard fought a mentally challenged man who they seem to degrade and pick on. It was going to happen whether we liked it or not, so I figured I might as well try and swallow my pride for the moment and avenge the situation when I am in a better position to do so. the drunkard did the honorable thing and ended the fight swiftly and without brining too much harm to the poor guy, and won me 12 gold in the process. It will help make up for terrible cooking.

Diary of a Samurai - Part 1

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