Journal Entry 85

I must first start out by apologizing. It has been a while since I’ve written, much has happened since I last took the time to chronicle some of our rather…unbelievable experiences. I would like to say at this time I was going to catch you up on some of those adventures that you’ve missed out on, but now is not that time. I have but only a minute to write down a few of my thoughts.

For the past month or so, we’ve been back at the Rock taking a little down time to refresh after months on the open waters. Coincidentally, Captain Drogo also showed up on his ship the Perilous Phantom to stay for a while. I won’t say what I think, dare I say hope about him at this point for fear of being wrong…but their are a lot of similarities between us. I’m not sure if he’s noticed yet, but I couldn’t fail to notice the stark similarities between us. Regardless, we spent much of the month training together. In deed, he taught me much from his experience in sword play. I in turn taught him a little in my ways of sorcery. I think I might have taken in more…you know the whole old dog and new tricks saying .

Approaching the end of his stay, he suggested we return to Port Peril to gain a letter of marquis from the Hurricane King himself. Upon approaching the port we sent out a rather generous amount of gold to show good faith in our most gracious host. It would appear he was pleased with out offering because in the morning he sent down one of his lackeys to announce the Pirate Games. There were to be three events that would take place, the first of which would involve me.

The first task, involved demonstrating our ability to work the rigging. So, me being by far the most, capable I decided I should be the one do it, lest some incompetent fool lose us our first task. The task was obviously mundanely easy for myself. The poor fool assigned to oppose me never stood a chance…I even gave him a head start! It goes without saying that the crowd was obviously impressed. That left our second task, to one of my slightly capable companions.

We decided that Jazz should head of this phase of the competition. This involved demonstrating our ability to out play our completion in the card game Bastards Foray. Hah child’s play! Even Jazz could handle that right? Well I will say he walked away victorious, but he cut very close even if considering the dealer was stacking the deck. It could have been really embarrassing to lose the competition over a game of cards.

With the first two of three tasks completed we were onto our final task. This was said to demonstrate our ability to defend our ability against attackers. Me, Jazz, and Taimu decided we were the most capable of doing so, so we took up our positions aboard the ship. As they wheeled out our oppositions cage the crowd began to cheer as if it would wipe the deck with us. They obviously haven’t heard much about us from around here. This great challenger was a marsh giant! Can you imagine those idiots thinking a marsh giant could oppose us. Aboard our ship none the less! Completely preposterous…as you can imagine it wasn’t much of a fight as the Giants blood stained the deck one our ship.

The games were over and we had earned the right to meet this Hurricane King. As instructed his lackey took us back to the palace to meet the king. As we feasted in his great hall we regained the crowd with stories of our great adventures. What is life for us, is the stuff of legends to them! Hah peasants… At long last we were finally given the marquis that should have been ours just upon showing up at port.

This is where I leave you now we just left the palace and are preparing to go to a tavern in town. It’s supposed to be one our the best around, it’s known as the Riptide Ale House.

Journal Entry 85

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