Diary of a Samurai- Part 6

We are supposed to be captains of our own ship, free to roam the seas, but I feel we are still having to jump through hoops and be involved with dishonorable people in order to be free. Apparently we have to earn an a a letter of marquee to be free ship captains and sell the shackles without any problems. In order to do so, we had to get approval by someone named the hurricane king. But we couldn’t just see him out right, oh no! We had to jump through hoops to even get a meeting with him. So we were tested by somebody named Tsadok in various challenges. Kratos has to climb a mast and work with sails faster than another random peasant, but it couldn’t be that simple or fair. There was deception and sabotage afoot. They tried to cheat and keep Kratos from winning but they didn’t count on Jaz and Taimu AKUMA!! We saw their despicable plan and thwarted it, allowing Kratos to rightfully win.

Then Jaz was tested in a card game. Do you think it was fair? Of course not! The dealer and his opponent were cheating the whole time too! Luckily, Jaz was able to overcome the deck stacked against him and win as well.

For the third and final test, we all participated in defending our ship from a giant. I contemplated taking the giant out myself and furthering my reputation as champion of the mighty Yog-Sothoth, but I decided that this particular fight was our fight as a collective group and not mine alone. Therefore, we joined together and fought on behalf of our crew, our ship, and our right to be free. There will be plenty of times in the future to conquer foes and spread the word of my glory and honor.

Needless to say, we won the third challenge as well, got a meeting with the Hurricane King, and got our letter. I’m very much looking forward to the time when we can be free from all of this nonsense and get on with a meaningful task, such as discovering the treasures that lie in wait for us to find.

Diary of a Samurai- Part 6

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