Skull and Shackles

Season 3 Episode 1
New beginnings

After a months time off, the crew of the Shackled Wayfinder has taken up the mantle of piracy once again. They sailed into Port Peril to set a meeting with the Hurricane King to get a letter of marquee to be Free Captians of the Shackles. After being tested by Tsadok, and passing all the tests placed before them, they were awarded a meeting with the Hurricane King, who through a party to award them the marquee. After the award of the marquee, they traveled into town and went to a tavern. In the tavern they saw Harrigan’s cabin girl, spiking people’s drinks. Kratos saw her and tried to stop her when he was stopped by another free captain. Soon after a fight broke out,a and the whole bar flew into a brawl before Kratos could get to her.

Session 5

-the Wormwood spotted a ship on the horizon, moves to attack.
-crew takes part in boarding action, following Kratos.
-crew takes the aft deck and the sterling wheel quickly.
-crew stops fleeing crew from attacked ship.
- the Wormwood takes over the new ship, plunder is divided, party starts.

Session 4
Things get rough

Day 12
-Taimu failed to carry messages around the ship properly, he was whipped 3 times
-Kratos moved Conchobhar Turlach Shortstone to indifferent
- Jack Scrimshaw was moved to helpful
-Amelia is found in possession of stolen goods

Day 13
-Jaz found a shortsword in the galley
-Taimu gets a ropebash for being lazy while catching rats
-Taimu finds 3 harpoons and a wooden leg in the galley during Bloody Hour
-Nyx finds 12 sp in the bilges
-Kratos finds a barrel of poor wine
-Amelia is keelhauled

Day 14
-Riaris Krine takes the party out on a jolly boat to practice ship to ship boarding.
-Kratos and Nyx go first, Kratos makes it fastest between the two. Nyx falls off once, having to throw and climb a second time. Upon making it to the ship, Nyx smarts off to Riaris which gets her to perform the exercise a third time.
-Taimu, Jaz, andNyx take boarding practice the second time out. Jax hooks and climbs onto the ship on first try, Nyx barely makes it, Taimu makes it on the third throw.
-Taimu and Jaz take Maheem and Jaundiced Jape’s throwing things at them personally.
-Jaz follows Jape into an ambush where Jaz is stabbed till unconscious.
-Taimu and Nyx receive lashes for running their mouth

Day 15
-Taimu arm wrestles Maheem and wins
-Nyx arm wrestles Giffer Tibbs and wins
-Jaz arm wrestles Jape and wins

Day 16-18
-Master Scourge starts to give the party the worst jobs for them, hoping they will fail

Day 19
-Taimu is sent to the bilges with Maheem and Flipps Chumlett
-Taimu is stripped of his weapons before he is sent down
-Maheem and Flipps pull hidden daggers
-Taimu kills Maheem and Flipps
-Mr Plugg finds he’s missing crew, knew what was going to happen, and sends Taimu to the sweatbox to await keelhauling for murder


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