Skull and Shackles

Season 3 Episode 1

New beginnings

After a months time off, the crew of the Shackled Wayfinder has taken up the mantle of piracy once again. They sailed into Port Peril to set a meeting with the Hurricane King to get a letter of marquee to be Free Captians of the Shackles. After being tested by Tsadok, and passing all the tests placed before them, they were awarded a meeting with the Hurricane King, who through a party to award them the marquee. After the award of the marquee, they traveled into town and went to a tavern. In the tavern they saw Harrigan’s cabin girl, spiking people’s drinks. Kratos saw her and tried to stop her when he was stopped by another free captain. Soon after a fight broke out,a and the whole bar flew into a brawl before Kratos could get to her.



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